Thursday, April 23, 2009

Asking about Jesus

My niece Keisha was excited to go home in the province to spend her Holy Week with grandparents. She was eager to learn the Passion of Christ and loves to hear stories of Jesus Christ. She almost watch television everyday looking for the channel that shows the story of Jesus. When she is not contented with what she seen on TV , she will go to my Aunt Lynnie's house and ask her to tell more stories about Jesus. That is Keisha. She wants to learn more about the person and keep on asking what's next. I heard that she ask her mom like this, "Mom, why can't I seen Jesus in ordinary human being"?Her mom was dumbfounded. She tried her best to give the right answer so that Keisha would satisfied with what she heard. At 6 years old, questions and answers portions sometimes is hard to answer. She really wants to know all things and plenty's of WHY? I know, Keisha would learn more if she read the bible and books about Jesus Christ to enlightened her mind and answer the question that bothers her.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Holy Week

Spending Holy Week in the province is a great privileged. Being there gives me more time to contemplate and attend church activities religiously and solemnly. it is also the time that I could spend more time with my mom and dad whom I haven't seen for almost a year. During Black Saturday, my cousin and I attended the Burning of Fire of Mass which lasted for 2 hours. Church was jam pack with people and the ceremony turned out successful. After the mass, we went to another cousin's house to dine with them and have some chat. This is my picture taken during the Burning of Fire. The Dominican Sister beside me reminds me not to take pictures instead to concentrate in the celebration of the Eucharistic Mass.Sorry Sister!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Wood furniture

My house is made up of woods and I want my interiors to be in classic wood furniture to match the whole design. I used to work in a multi-national company that exports furniture to different countries but all of their products are made up of metals and porcelains. I already have much of it when it comes to the said materials. This time I want my newly built house to be in classic type. All furniture should be made up of wood. I have visited several furniture shops but I didn't found the furniture that I like. A friend told me that "why not browse the net and look for a site that offers a wide range of classic wood furniture? so I did browse the net and luckily I found this site named Scenic furniture that offers elegant wood furnitures.
their products are so great, As a matter of fact, they have all what I like. I just found the site that fits my ideas in building a classic house. so to all people out there if you are looking for an elegant wood furniture just visit the Scenic Furniture site at

Video game machines makes big profit

I have a friend who is a brilliant businessman. he doesn't go to the office everyday and he has no laborers for him to work. Are you puzzle up what kind of business he has? He is making big profit of his business called video games. he used to assemble video game machines with a coin slot in the middle and a timer. He already have ten video game machines and have it placed in an area where it is heavy populated. a drop of single coin gives a 4 minute time to the players. He averagely earned 3 thousand every 15 days and gives 30 percent share to the vendor who owns the place. what a good business he had. I am planning also to follow the business that he is into.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Victoria Becham is in London with her kids to watch David

Back out supporting her man, Victoria Beckham and her three sons were spotted arriving at Wembley Stadium in London on Wednesday night (April 1).
With Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz following along, the former Spice Girl Beckham headed straight for the executive box to watch David play for England in a match against Ukraine. Victoria beckham is so sexy in her black cardigan outfit. I really admire the way Victoria Becham dresses. She's my idol when it comes to fahsion.