Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Kim Kardashian is serious in her dance practice to win the dancing competition

Following a morning stop at the Chelsea Lately show, Kim Kardashian was all about polishing up her dance steps as she prepares for the second week of “Dancing with the Stars”.
Running late, the reality starlet ran to meet-up with dance partner Mark Ballas at 3rd Street Dance in West Hollywood

Sunday, September 28, 2008

I bought my new blood pressure apparatus

I work before as a medical representative that's why I am so familiar with some of the medical accessories. I bought one full automatic watch type blood pressure monitor so that whenever there's a need to get one's blood pressure I don't need to run to the nearest hospital just to have a blood pressure. I am living in a compound area where three families are present. All of them are my relatives and 2 of those always needs medical attention. Aside from having a history of high blood pressure, we also have a history of asthma that's why wherever I go I always bring with me my anti-histamine capsule for my protection. It is better to know the basics in first aid so that when the actual thing happens we are always ready to give the right and temporary care.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

4 Milk products are delisted from the Philippines Bfad's list

Four milk brands were removed Saturday from the list of milk products that would be subjected to laboratory tests by the Bureau of Food and Drugs after the agency learned that the dairy products did not come from China.

Fonterra, the company that supplies Anchor Lite Milk, Anlene Milk Low Fat, Anmum Materna and Anmum Materna Chocolate in the Philippines, clarified to BFAD that its products were made in New Zealand.

The company was a former part owner of China’s San Lu Group, the company that produced the melamine-contaminated milk.

They clarified the matter with BFAD today and they provided evidence that Anchor, Anlene, Anmum all came from New Zealand," said Alan Fitzmmon, regional director of Fonterra.

Leticia Barbara Gutierrez, head of BFAD, said that the agency reviewed Fonterra’s evidence.

“Then we found out they were manufactured in New Zealand, so we have to delete them from the list," she said.

The Philippines has banned all milk imports from China as a precaution against the spread of melamine-contaminated baby formula that has sickened more than 53,000 Chinese, mostly infants.

Last Tuesday, Gutierrez said that a temporary ban on importation, distribution and sale of infant formula and milk products has been imposed.

Friday, September 26, 2008

China Milk Scare

The Bureau of Food and Drugs on Friday finally released a partial list of 54 milk and milk-based products from China which it said would be subject to testing, a day after it issued an order temporarily banning such products coming from the Chinese mainland.
The list also included products which the BFAD said were manufactured outside China but possibly had milk ingredients sourced from China.
The list which BFAD issued contained names of famous brands like Nestle chocolate flavor ice cream cone, M&M chocolate and Snickers.
The products on the list would be tested for the presence of the industrial chemical melamine, which was found in milk products in China. Four children have died and about 55,000 others have fallen ill in China after drinking milk tainted with melamine.
Department of Health officials gave conflicting answers when asked if all of the products on the list were banned, at least temporarily.
BFAD policy, planning and advocacy officer in charge Virginia Francia Laboy said: “They are considered banned in compliance with the order issued by Secretary (Francisco) Duque, which banned all infant formula and milk products from China.”
Asked if well-known chocolate and ice cream products were included in the ban, Laboy said: “We don’t want to refer to specific brands.”
Health Undersecretary Alex Padilla, however, said only milk products on the list were banned. Asked about the chocolate and ice cream products, Padilla said: “They are just for testing.”

The following is the partial list of milk and other milk products collected by BFAD for testing for the presence of Melamine as of Sept. 26, 2008:

1. Anchor Lite Milk

2. Anchor Warm Frootmilk Drink Mango Magic

3. Anchor Wam Frootmilk Orange Chill

4. Anchor Wam Frootmilk Strawberry Spin

5. Anlene Milk

6. Anmum Materna 180g

7. Anmum Materna Chocolate

8. Dutch Lady Pure Milk

9. Farmland Skim Milk

10. Greenfood Yili Pure Milk

11. Jinwei Drink

12. Jollycow Pure Fresh Milk

13. Jollycow Slender Lowfat Milk

14. KLIM Instant Full Cream Milk Powder (1.8 kg)

15. M&M Chocolate brown 40 gm

16. Meiji Hokkaido Azuki (red bean ice cream)

17. Meiji Ujikintoki (red bean and green tea frozen confection)

18. Mengniu Original Drink Milk

19. Mengniu Pure Milk

20. Milk Chocolate Bars/China

21. Milk Chocolate Candies/China

22. Milkboy repacked

23. Monmilk Breakfast Milk Walnut Milk Beverage

24. Monmilk High Calcium Low Fat Milk

25. Monmilk High Calcium Milk

26. Monmilk Milk Deluxe Pure Milk

27. Monmilk Pure Milk

28. Monmilk Suan Suan Ru Sour Milk Beverage (Mango Flavor)

29. Natural Choice Milk Ice Bar

30. Nespray

31. Nestlé Carnation Calcium Plus Non Fat Milk Powder (1.6 kg)

32. Nestlé Chocolate flavor Ice Cream Cone

33. Nestlé Dairy Farm Pure Milk

34. Nestlé Vanilla Flavor Ice Cream Cone

35. Nutri-Express Milk

36. Nutri-Express 15 Nutritional elements (blue, red and orange label and cap)

37. Nutri-Express Milk Green Apple

38. Prime Roast cereals 28g

39. Pura Fresh Milk

40. Snickers brown 59gm

41. Strawberry Sorbet

42. Trappist Dairy Low Fat yogurt drink

43. Vita Fresh Milk

44. Wahaha Orange

45. Wahaha Yellow

46. Want Want MIlk Drink

47. Yili High Calcium 250ml

48. Yill HIgh Calcium Milk 1L

49. Yili High Calcium Low fat milk Beverage

50. Yili Lowfat Milk 1L

51. Yili Milk

52. Yili Puremilk 250ml

53. Yili Puremilk 1L

54. Yinlu Milk Peanut

T-Mobile is a user friendly device

In advance of the new Google phone, T-Mobile USA has changed the wording of the user agreement for its wireless data network and no longer claims the right to slow surfing to a crawl once a subscriber goes over a monthly usage limit.

The amendment was made late Wednesday, a day after T-Mobile revealed the G1, the first smart phone that will use the new network. The G1 is also the first phone to use Google Inc.'s mobile software platform.

Bloggers had spotted a 1-gigabyte monthly download limit in T-Mobile's user agreement and were concerned that it would apply to the G1. The phone comes with a Web browser, access to Google e-mail and songs from Amazon.com Inc., which could make a user quickly exceed a gigabyte of traffic.

In a statement, T-Mobile said that since the G1 doesn't go on sale until Oct. 22, the details of the plan were not final, but it had removed the limit anyway. It still reserves the right to slow down traffic for a "a small fraction of our customers who have excessive or disproportionate usage that interferes with our network performance."

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tamagotchi virtual pet is back again in popularity

The egg-shaped Tamagotchi virtual pet is going color.The portable toy from Bandai Co. of Japan, which shows a graphic image of a cartoonish animal on a tiny screen, has been a hit worldwide.Some 40 million were sold in about two years after it first went on sale in 1996. Revived in 2004, with infrared connection, it was a hit again, selling another 34.6 million units so far.The revamped 5,040 yen ($48) Tamagotchi, set to go on sale in Japan Nov. 22, is the first time it will have a liquid color display, Bandai said Thursday. Overseas sales are still undecided.The creatures inside the Tamagotchi must be "fed" and "nurtured" by the owner of the toy by periodically pushing buttons on the toy. Should an owner forget, the animal may get angry or even die.The new version offers colorful backdrops including kitchens, bathrooms and playgrounds. The pet's face turns blue when sick and red when angry, according to Tokyo-based Bandai.Targeting girls between 7 and 9, Bandai plans to sell 200,000 of the color Tamagotchi's in Japan by the end of March 2009.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A 24/7 ban is strictly implemented on videokes in Davao City

Our good mayor of Davao Rodrigo Roa Duterte has ordered the banning of videoke machines inside residential areas, 24 hoours a day, seven days a week. The mayor expresses his ideas and explained his side regarding the implementation of the rule about the videokes during his TV programme every Sunday entitled "Gikan sa Masa Para sa Masa". He said that videoke machines must be banned inside residential areas since it is a nuisance to other residents and especially students who wanted to study but could not due to the loud noise coming from the videoke machines. I myself agree with the rule because I experienced a lot when one of my neighbors was operating a videoke business and I couldn't sleep nor study my lesson because of loud musics.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

LTO Davao implement motorcycle rules that the riders hates to agree

A couple of weeks ago the motorcycle riders of Davao City was put into chaos because of the local LTO new implemented rules. Attorney Dy of the LTO Davao imposed a rule for the motorcycle riders to use the full face helmet and customized motor units are no longer permitted to travel. There are a lot of motor riders with in Davao City and most of them owned a customized motorcycles. The new rules imposed by the local LTO includes no to customized motorcycles, half face helmet is not allowed, wearing of slippers and shorts is strictly prohibited. Series of meetings inside the LTO premises were conducted during those times because all Davao City riders didn't want the new rules imposed by the Local LTO officers. A group of Motorcycle riders went to the Mayors office to seek help for the City Mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte and they present their grievances about the new imposed rules. Many were shocked about the rules because if you violate such rule, the fine is quite expensive. It ranges from 1500 to 2000 pesos per violation. The mayor told the public through his television show that he was not in favor of the said rules and he told the LTO officers to stop implementing the rule. Right now, the problem between the motorcycle riders and the LTO was settled. Thanks to the good mayor for he understands how difficult the situation is if the motorcycle riders follow those irrelevant rules.

Monday, September 22, 2008

I love the taste of a deep fried milk fish

This is one of my favorite foods, A deep fried Milk fish. I always buy a milk fish during weekends. I love the taste of this fish particularly in its belly part because it is where you can taste the most delicious part of the milk fish. There are a lot of ways to prepare a milk fish. You can grilled , deep fried, make a soup or prepare a boneless milk fish for frying. This food is high in protein. I really love the taste of it. Try it for yourself. I am pretty sure you will love the taste too.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Computer stores at the NCCC Mall of Davao

We were at the mall last night and visited couple of computer shops. I am interested in buying a laptop computer so that whenever I go I could still browse my favorite sites and chat with my relatives and friends abroad. It is a necessity on my part to have one. I compared each product prices and its specifications and features. There are Laptops that are very expensive while some have regular prices maybe that's because of its brand and super high end specifications. I am not looking for an expensive one because my purpose is just to communicate with my friends and relatives outside the country. I think the cheaper one will do serve my purpose already. The computer store are giving a zero percent interest for 12 months. I would like to show you some of the laptop prices that I got last night with their corresponding prices and specifications.

Eee PC 701 4GB
Price- 1,441.67/monthly
Specs: Intel Celeron-M ULV (900MHz)
512 MB DDR-667 RAM
4GB Flash Memory

Eee PC 900 20GB
Price- 1,408.33/monthly
Intel Mobile Chipset
Intel Mobile CPU
80.9" Display

Eee PC 900 30 GB
Price- 1,900.00/monthly
8.9" Display
#30 GB HDD
Windows XP Home

Eee PC 1000H 80 GB
Price- 2341.67/monthly
Intel Mobile Atom
10" Display
Windows XP Home
1.3 Megapixels Camera

They are giving an Epson T10 printer on all of this packages except for the Eee PC 1000 80 GB where they are giving a free HP 4185 all in one printer.

My new energy saving table lamp

Awhile ago, after the going to the church we went to the City hardware to look for a desk lamp. There are a lot of desk lamps available of different styles but I didn't found my desk lamps that I want. We move to another mall that also offers different kinds of lamps at the NCCC mall. There I found more lamps that I like. I bought the Omni Table Lamp, an energy-saving desk lamp series. It has a rotating arm for any angle and direction. Its tubes last 8 times longer than G.L.S. lamps. This type of lamp has a PL-9 watss tubes that offer illumination as 50W incandescent lamp. I chose the flourescent type of lamp because the lighting is cool and easy on the eyes.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sunday is a family day

Every weekend , we make sure that we give time for prayer. We will go to the church this afternoon to give thanks for all the blessing that we received. After the church activity, we planned to go to the mall and do window shopping. But before I forgot I have to clean first the house and make all things organized so that when the working days start; every household members will have no difficulty in finding one's stuff.

Playing my first online DOTA game

We went to the mall this afternoon to buy for grocery items. My aunt together with my sister-in- law went directly to the grocery department. I roam around the mall looking for something new. As I walked along the series of stores inside the mall I found one internet cafe that offers different kinds of online games. I was really amaze how to play those online games because I have not tried even ones. My nephew named Cykie Dodge who always sat infront of his desktop computer kept on inviting me to play online games such as DOTA, Ragnarok, The generals, Call of Duty and the like. To make the story short, I entered the establishment and try to play the game. At first I really don't know how to operate it that's why I always seek for help from an attendant. After a couple of minutes of playing , I started to learn the basics and some of its rules. I 'm starting to love the game. Now I knew why kids becomes an addict when it comes to online gaming.

Friday, September 19, 2008

My Favorite Luxury items

I am car fanatic. I love to watch new cars available in the market but my favorite car brand is the Mercedes Benz because of its elegant look even on their vintage design it is still very classy. there is a small Mercedez Benz car tht I like now named smart car but don't you know that that the Swatch Group was the original designer? The idea for the car was born in the 1990s out of a partnership between Daimler Benz and the Swatch Group. The theory was that Swatch would pair its design savvy and hip appeal with Mercedes' legendary engineering; together the two would build the ultimate vehicle for urban transportation. While the Smart car received a lot of buzz and was recently introduced into the United States, the car has yet to make money and Swatch has since sold its share of the company back to Daimler. It is much better if you have the two items in your position the Swatch watch and the mercedes Benz.

Finding the right Cellpphone for my blogging activity

Yesterday, I am looking for a brand new cellphone where I can use it with my blogging activity. There are lots of high end cellphones available in the market right now that varies in their features. I have seen a high end Motorola Q9c Lime Green cell Phone last night that is capable of browsing an Internet explorer through GPRS. I am very much interested of that unit maybe this weekend I will buy for one.

Lauren Conrad is promoting her new line of fashion trends

Always on the go, Lauren Conrad ventured out in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon (September 18) to run a few errands and stop by an office building for a short business meeting.
The 22-year-old reality starlet has been focusing much of her energy on fashion as of late - as she’s been promoting her latest collection and designing a dress for the 2008 Primetime Emmy Awards.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Gardening tips

Yesterday, I visited one of the ornamental gardens in Davao City to look for a variegated Ficus Benjamina Plant. I am a plant hobbyist and I collect different varieties of plant in my little space at the back of my house. I have noticed that the laborer of the garden establishment that I visited mixes its soil composition for their repotting activities. I asked and interviewed the person who made the composition. He taught me the whole procedure and gave me tips on making such garden soil medium. He said that everytime I'll make a garden soil composition for my plant, it should be porous and sandy to give roots an easy way to penetrate. He used rice hulls as breakers to make the sandy loam garden soil more soft and it acts like an anti- caking agent to the soil. He prepared 1 part of garden and 2 parts of rice hulls. There are many formulas that he taught me but this is the best formula among all.

Chritmas buying tips

There are only 98 days days to go before Christmas. During Christmas season , we usually buy Christmas stuff for the kids and for our love ones. Exchanging Gifts are the most awaited part in the Christmas celebration. Buying gift items can be so expensive if you buy gift items during Christmas season. In order to save more on buying gifts items, here are some tips for you.

1. Buy gift items early before Christmas because Christmas gift items commands a higher price during December.

2. Buy in volume to get a lesser price.

3. Buy your Christmas gift items to the major store suppliers to avoid a big increase in the profit margin priced by the store dealers.

4. Find the cheapest gift items but made of high quality standard material (durable).

These tips can be very helpful to avoid the rush in buying Christmas gift items and saves more money during the season.

Philippine Bank account holders have nothing to worry about the Lehmans brothers bankruptcy

Last I was able to watch Television news about the bankrupcy of the biggest insurance company in America eh AIG insurance. This institution has a lot of connections worlwide. Most of the banks in the philippines are tied up or avail their financial insurance services. When I heard about theit bankruptcy, I was very upset and afraid to hear that because I was one of the policy owners of the PhilAM life insurance company where I got my educational plan for my daughter but after a series of explinations, I am now confident that there will be nothing to worry about because the central bank on Wednesday assured the public that the Philippine banking system will be able to withstand the impact of the financial turmoil caused by failing investments companies in the United States.“There is no reason to panic. The banking system is sound and stable," Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Governor Amando M. Tetangco told reporters after a meeting of economic managers on Wednesday. Tetangco described the exposure of local banks in the troubled Lehman Brothers, which filed bankruptcy on Monday in the United States, to be “very small."“The exposure is estimated to be about 0.3 to 0.4 percent, so it’s less than one-half of one percent of the total assets of the banking system," he said. With the Philippine banking system estimated to be worth P5 trillion in total assets, the Lehman exposure is seen to be at around P15 billion. The country’s top two banks, Banco de Oro UniBank, Inc. (BDO) and Metropolitan Bank and Trust Co. (Metrobank) on Tuesday announced their respective exposures to Lehman investments. BDO said it has allocated P3.8 billion worth of provisions should the US investment bank fail to repay its debts, while Metrobank, which held $20.4 million worth of Lehman-issued bonds, has allocated $14 million. “I think these (disclosures) should be taken as a positive sign. It shows these banks have the resources to absorb a drop in the price of their investments in Lehman Brothers," Tetangco said. He also said the BSP was also not as concerned over Merrill Lynch’s condition since it has already found safe harbor when it was taken over by Bank of America (BA).At the very worst, the BSP expressed confidence that banks would only face a minimal reduction to their incomes with very little impact on their capital base even if their Lehman investments were declared completely worthless."We do not see this as a solvency issue, just a little erosion in the income of banks," said BSP deputy governor Nestor Espenilla who is also head of the central bank's Bank Supervision and Examination Sector.Espenilla added that the financial system had taken the lessons of the 1997 Asian financial crisis to heart when banks faced a serious capital crunch. "We have been telling banks to build up their capital base precisely so that they could survive this kind of event," Espenilla said. "First of all, not all banks are exposed to this and those that do have exposure are big banks that can easily handle it." "It would not seriously affect their capital base," he said. "But then, remember that these exposures are not likely to be uncollectible. At most, banks would probably have to absorb some discount but they would not be completely worthless." Other banks, meanwhile, such as China Bank, Union Bank, Philippine Savings Bank, Bank of the Philippine Islands and Security Bank have said that they don’t have exposures with Lehman Brothers.Likewise, pension funds Social Security System (SSS) and Government Service and Insurance Systems (GSIS) said they don’t have funds with the bankrupt American financial institution.Similarly, Sun Life Financial Philippines denied dealings with Lehman Brothers and said that it is their parent company, Sun Life Financial Inc. in Canada, which has dealings with the American financial firm.Financial analyst Francisco Liboro, in an interview with Mariz Umali in GMA’s Saksi, said exposures by Metrobank, BDO, and Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) to Lehman investments are too small to be compared to their respective capitals.The television report said Metrobank has a total capital fund of P74.5 billion, while BDO, has P60.5 billion and RCBC has more than P29 billion.“It's (The exposures are) still not enough to bring the banks down," Liboro said as he cautioned depositors against panicking since it might lead to a bank run.“A bank run, that can happen because people are afraid. That may even be more of a problem than the exposure to Lehman Brothers... because it’s the depositors that make up the bank," he said.Meanwhile, Philippine American Life and General Insurance Co. or Philamlife assured its policy-holders that its finances are in stable condition despite the financial turmoil being faced by American International Group (AIG), the firm’s parent company and the world’s largest insurer.According to Philamlife CEO Jose Cuisia Jr, 90 percent of their investments are in the Philippines.“We have separate investments from our parent company. We stand by our obligations to our policy holders," Cuisia said.In a document submitted to the Insurance Commission, Philamlife said its current asset is worth P100 billion. The document also said that the insurance firm has a net worth of P23 billion and paid up capital of P1.65 billion.Insurance Commission deputy commissioner Vida Chiong assured that Philamlife has enough financial resources to answer the company’s liability.

Think first before choosing the righ phone plan

Before we decide to choose which cellphone plans we get we should thnk first and consider other factors in choosing it.

Every business owner needs a mobile phone, and probably some more phones for their staff. The problem is that, with a plethora of carriers out there competing for your business, there are a multitude of plans and it can be hard to make sense of all of them.
How many calls do you need to make- There are a variety of plans available from the low end user who may not make any calls, up to the high end executive who is on the phone all the time. If you are not making many calls, there is no point in being on a high end plan with a high committed spend. Conversely, if you make a lot of calls, you do not want to go on a low end plan with a higher call rate or less included calls.
Would an SMS do- many plans include free SMS's so, instead of making a call, consider whether you could get the same message across with an SMS.
Do you use your phone mostly for business or pleasure- The best mobile phone plan for you may not actually be a business plan. If you use your phone more for pleasure, chances are that you may use your phone more outside business hours and on the weekend. Most business phone plans have cheap calls during the day and expensive calls at night. If you are going to be using your phone the other way around (i.e. more calls at night) it would make sense to pick a plan that gives you cheaper calls at night and on the weekend.
Business mobile plans are confusing, and it can often be hard to decide which plan is best for you. The best way to decide this is to look at how you will be using your phone, and then analyse this against the plans that are available.

Yo-yo toy is invented and created by a Filipino

I love to play Yo-yo during my younger years. I have 6 Yo-yos of different colors , but dont you know that the person who invented the yo-yo toy is a filip[ino? here are some yo-yo trivia.

The word yo-yo is a Tagalog word, the native language of the Philippines, and means 'come back.' In the Philippines, the yo-yo was a weapon for over 400 hundred years. Their version was large with sharp edges and studs and attached to thick twenty-foot ropes for flinging at enemies or prey. People in the United States started playing with the British bandalore or yo-yo in the 1860s.
It was not until the 1920s that Americans first heard the word yo-yo. Pedro Flores, a Philippine immigrant, began manufacturing a toy labeled with that name. Flores became the first person to mass-produce yo-yos, at his small toy factory located in California.
Duncan saw the toy, liked it, bought the rights from Flores in 1929 and then trademarked the name Yo-Yo.

Biography of Pedro Flores

Pedro Flores was born in Vintarilocos Norte, Philippines. In 1915, Pedro Flores immigrated to the United State and later studied of law at the University of California Berkeley and the Hastings College of Law in San Francisco.
Pedro Flores never completed his law degree and began his yo-yo business while working as a bellboy. In 1928, Flores started his Yo-Yo Manufacturing Company in Santa Barbara. James and Daniel Stone of Los Angeles financed machinery for the mass production of yo-yos.
On July 22, 1930, Pedro Flores trademark registered the name Flores Yo-Yo. Both his yo-yo factories and the trademark were later acquired by the Donald Duncan Yo-yo Company.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

More pinoys are getting Philippine passports

Philipine passport
We all knew how hard to live and make money here in the Philippine to support our dependents and families. We always experienced the inflation rates of every prime commodities such as rice, sugar, gasoline and more... Most Filipinos leave their country to find work abroad. A regular family usually leave their kids to their Grandma's and Grandpas just to look for a greener pasture outside the country. Some of them are very successful that brought home the bacon after years of working but others go home with nothing in some strange cases Filipinos were back in cold caskets. You can hear news through your television and through the internet that Filipino domestic helpers jumped over the building that cause her death while some were raped by their boss. This issues, mostly came from the Arab countries like Saudi Arabia. but inspite of the negative feedbacks, Filipinos still want to work abroad to earn a living that's why you can see long lines in the DFA (Department of Foreign Affairs) applying for passports. Professionals like doctors and nurses also applied for work abroad because their salaries can no longer support the needs of their family. The professionals labor workforce in the country decreases because most of them are migrating to other countries already. Government officials can't blame them because politicians can't save the nations problem. Government always deliver promises to the public but it always remains to be a promise and were not implemented.

Nursing course is still the top choice of the graduating high school seniors

During my high school years up to present, nursing course is still on top of the choices. Senior students still want to get this course eventhough its quite difficult to pass due to heavy requirements and hectic duty schedules. Highly industrialized countries keeps on hiring thousands of nurses to their country. The countries that are most satisfied with the Filipino nurses are Australia, America, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates. They imposed high salaries to nurses that's why Filipino nurses are very much attracted to work abroad, while senior students wants to build a career in nursing due to high paying rates.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

In the middle of a lovely garden

I love collecting plants that's why in my free time I go for a garden visit. I graduated from a prestigious school in my town where I took my business course. I am not a graduate of any agriculture course but my hobby is in line with the agriculture. As a matter of fact, I even concentrated to do an agriculture business particularly in propagating imported orchids. I have different types of production procedure when it comes to production. I gave seminars to interested investors on how to grow orchid and how to mass produce them. Right now, I run an ornamental plant business. I love growing plants because aside from propagating them, I also earn income out of my hobby.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A fruit that smells like hell but taste like heaven

There is a native fruit that a Davaoeno is very proud of. The "Durian", a fruit that most of the people tell outside of davao says the It smells like hell but it taste like heaven." Durian fruit is a native of Davao. When I was still in my elementary years where Durian is not that much popular, we bought Durian fruit in just one place in Calinan or in Tugbuk area. This is the only stall where you can buy Durian fruit at a cheaper price. The stall owners usually owns the Durian tree and since there area was located along the road they have decided to make a stall on the road shoulders. On 1980's, Davao city created a festival named ApoDuWaling, a name that derives from Mt' Apo-the tallest mountain in the Philippines that is located in Davao, Durian-the native fruit of Davao and Waling-waling, a native wild orchid that grows in the mountainous areas in Davao. That's the time where Durian became so famous. Durian right now is so popular, that's why the price got so high due to the increase in demand. The present price of Durian Fruit right now is 60 per kilo and one Durian fruit weighs 5 to 7 kilos so this means that a single fruit of Durian could cost 300 to 420 pesos a fruit. As a result, a lot of Farmers convert their land into a Durian fruit farm because they knew that growing Durian can be very profitable.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Vanessa Carlton Opens her house for a cause

Musician Vanessa Carlton opens her New York City home for a good cause Monday, hosting celebs like Julia Stiles, Feist and Moby (not pictured) for an evening of cocktails, conversation and music in honor of Cape Farewell 2008, an awareness-raising expedition to the High Arctic.

Russell Brand is one of the sexiest vegetarian in Europe

Not everything Russell Brand said at Sunday's Video Music Awards was met with approval, but that's in keeping with the comic style of the controversial host of the show. So, just who is this guy with the shaggy hair and the gall to call Britney the second Christ? Here are five things you may not know about him: • He's 33 and born in Essex, east of London – just like David Beckham. And like Beckham, he's soccer-mad. He pens a column on the game for a national newspaper and supports West Ham. Raised by his mother, Barbara, after his father left home when he was 16, he has confessed to having eating disorder around age 12. "It was really unusual in boys, quite embarrassing. But I found it euphoric," he told the Observer in 2006. • He was a standup comedian who made his name presenting youthful late-night talk shows in the U.K. and companion programs to Big Brother. His working life hasn't been without drama: MYV Europe fired him two days after arriving at work – "with typical restraint" – dressed as Osama Bin Laden. He blamed the episode on heroin (he was using the drug at the time), and has cleaned up since. Last year PETA voted him Europe's sexiest vegetarian.

Monday, September 8, 2008

What a great smile by Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway turns up the high beams, grinning for the press while talking up her indie drama Rachel Getting Married on Saturday at the Toronto Film Festival.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Beyonce Knowles publicly displayed her $5 million engagement ring

Jay-Z sure knows how to pick the bling! All eyes were on Beyoncé Friday night, when, for the first time, the singer publicly displayed her engagement ring on the red carpet for Fashion Rocks at Radio City Music Hall in N.Y.C. The singer, 27, who secretly married rapper Jay-Z in April, flashed an 18 carat flawless diamond by Lorraine Schwartz, valued at more than $5 million dollars, according to the jeweler. Neither Beyoncé nor Jay-Z have publicly confirmed their marriage but in recent weeks, Beyoncé’s younger sister Solange referred to Jay-Z as her brother-in-law during a television interview.Later in the evening, Beyoncé took off the ring for a duet with Justin Timberlake, but the sparkler was visible when she donned a short, blonde wig to sing a tribute to blues singer Etta James whom she portrays in an upcoming movie. The star-studded event included appearances by Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Mary J. Blige, Tommy Hilfiger, Hayden Panettiere, Paula Abdul, Fergie, Ciara, Natasha Bedingfield, Chris Brown, Terrance Howard and Chace Crawford.

the world class singers Justin Timberlake and Beyoncé is in NYC for an extravagant performance

Sexy singers Justin Timberlake and Beyoncé bring down the house during their performance of "Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing" at Radio City Music Hall during Fashion Rocks Friday night in N.Y.C.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

David Spade accepts responsibility for being a daddy

David Spade is the father of a baby girl born last week in Missouri to Playboy Playmate Jillian Grace. David and Jillian have been in close contact throughout her pregnancy and he plans to go see the baby during his first break from shooting Rules of Engagement. The actor, 45, announced in January that he had a brief relationship with Grace, and if proven to be the child's biological father, he would accept responsibility. The baby was born Aug. 26.

A celebration of success for Tori Spelling

She has her cake – and will eat it too! Tori Spelling celebrates the success of her best-selling memoir sTORItelling with husband Dean McDermott, a group of friends and a cake Thursday at the blue on blue restaurant at the Avalon hotel in Beverly Hills. Spelling has said she plans to write a follow-up to her first book.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Jennifer Aniston plays a very challenging role in her new film

Jennifer Aniston calls for attention Wednesday while filming a scene for her guest-starring role on NBC's 30 Rock in New York City. The former Friends star is brushing up her comedic chops to play a free-spirited Fatal Attraction-like stalker.

Nicole Richie and beau Joel Madden -the charitably minded couple

Nicole Richie and beau Joel Madden get gussied up for a good cause: the Sephora Project Launch Party Wednesday at L.A.'s Zune. At the event, the charitably-minded couple spent time with teenage girls from Girls for a Change, an organization empowering girls to make a difference in their neighborhoods.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Jennifer Garner shows off her healthy tummy

Jennifer Garner shows off her burgeoning baby bump while heading with a pal Tuesday to a Brentwood, Calif., nail salon. Next up for the pregnant actress: joining the star-studded lineup of the TV charity event Stand Up to Cancer on Sept. 5.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Smokey and the Bandit sidekick Jerry Reed dies at age of 71

Country guitarist, songwriter, singer and Smokey and the Bandit sidekick Jerry Reed died Monday of emphysema. He was 71. The Atlanta-born Grammy winner, who never lost his Georgia drawl, backed Elvis Presley and Waylon Jennings on guitar before emerging on his own in the late '60s. Within a decade, he had a string of radio hits such as "When You're Hot, You're Hot" and "Amos Moses" and "East Bound and Down" from the Bandit" movies, in which he played trucker Cledus "Snowman" Snow. Survivors include Reed's wife of 49 years, Priscilla Mitchell Hubbard, of the Nashville suburb of Brentwood; two daughters, Charlotte "Lottie" Stewart of Franklin, Tenn., and Seidina Hinesley of Smyrna, Tenn.; and two grandchildren.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cindy McCain and Laura Bush joined together to help Gustav victims

"George and I were planning to come to enjoy this convention, to have a really good time," First Lady Laura Bush told disappointed delegates Monday as Hurricane Gustav rained on plans for a festive opening to the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minn. Instead, she and Cindy McCain headlined an abbreviated, business-only afternoon session of the convention, using the opportunity to plug charities helping Gulf Coast victims of the hurricane. "Our first priority for today and in the coming days is to ensure the safety and well-being of those living in the Gulf Coast region," said Bush. "This is a time when we take off our Republican hats and put on our American hats," added McCain.

Kim Kardashian in a sexy pose

Dancing with the Stars' newest member hits a major fall trend in a white tuxedo jacket, girly top and super skinny jeans for a Blackberry party in LA. She looks so sexy in her outfit. that's why Kim has a lot of male fans because male persons usually admires her because of her curvaceous body.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Matthew McConaughey joine 10K run for fund raising

Matthew McConaughey has his biggest fans – girlfriend Camila Alves and almost- 2-month-old son Levi – rooting for him Sunday at the Nike + Human Race in Austin, Texas. The actor joined pal Lance Armstrong at the 10-kilometer run, which took place on the same day in 25 cities around the globe and raised money for the Lance Armstrong Foundation, the World Wildlife Fund and the charity NineMillion.org. Afterwards, Levi took in yet another concert when the family checked out Ben Harper's performance.

Madonna with husband Guy Ritchie's on world tour

Madonna, fresh off the kickoff of her spectacular Sticky & Sweet world tour, took a break from performing Monday night to attend the world premiere of her husband Guy Ritchie's new film 'RocknRolla' in London.
But the pop icon - shown here on the red carpet in a sleek, bejeweled black dress that matches her earrings - is only taking a brief break from the stage and is due to resume her tour Tuesday night in Amsterdam.