Monday, May 11, 2009

Select the best web hosting provider

I am a web developer for almost ten years now and I am very successful of my career. I have made different websites to different multi-national companies here and abroad and they keep on coming back to hire my expertise and services. Making a good website is a very simple task as long as you know the proper way and the techniques in creating it. There are a lot of techniques such as good background, good navigation, the links, words and articles describing to a certain product and the likes but there is one factor that will give life to a good website and that is its web hosting provider. A good website should always depends on its hosting provider because this is the one that will give fuel to your site. There are lot of sites in the net that offers web hosting providers but I don't just click right away and purchase their offer because I definitely go for the tried and tested one. Speaking of a good web hosting provider, there is a site named Web Hosting Geeks that I used to visit and read hosting reviews and compared each features and benefits and select the best. I usually go for the dedicated server hosting for it can serve numerous benefits to your business, especially if you have the resources required to maintain your own server. So if you want to see the top 5 best dedicated host, just visit the Web Hosting Geek site at